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The VISTA programme strategy


Build competence to meet the opportunities and challenges the transition to a
low-carbon energy system brings, by supporting science that provides fundamental insight in:

  • Basin analysis, efficient resource identification and utilization, and unlocking new resources
  • Future development solutions
  • Sustainability, environment and low carbon solutions


In a 2020–2050 perspective, fossil resources will remain an important contributor to global energy consumption. It is therefore imperative to lower the environmental footprint of fossil fuels production by:

  • optimizing energy efficiency in all operations including field electrification
  • develop CCS/CCUS technologies

Beyond 2050
In a perspective beyond 2050, a CO2 neutral society will require efficient energy storage and transport solutions to meet the intermittency of renewable energy sources, and to secure energy supply beyond the electricity grid.

Read the VISTA programme strategy 2020–2024

Illustration photo, green leaf in light bulb
The VISTA programme aims to build low-carbon energy competence. (Illustration: Pixabay)