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The VISTA programme key areas

In 2019 the VISTA programme was restructured into supporting basic research centres with a sustainable and low-carbon focus:

VISTA centres for interdisciplinary research on future energy solutions

Key areas

Three key areas are defined for the VISTA programme:

  • Basin analysis, efficient resource identification and utilization, and unlocking new resources
  • Future development solutions
  • Sustainability, environment and low carbon solutions

Two centres

Currently two centres are in operation:

  1. NTNU VISTA CAROS – Centre for Autonomous Robotics Operations Subsea
  2. UiB CSD - Centre for Modeling of Coupled Subsurface Dynamic
Tor Ulleberg, Equinor, speaking in the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters
The energy transition raises a lot of questions and there are a lot of knowledge gaps to be filled. We are proud to be sponsors of basic research, said Tor Ulleberg, vice president of Equinor, at the international VISTA seminar 29. November 2022. (Photo: Ola Gamst Sæther/DNVA)

The Troll platform in the North Sea
The Troll platform. From the outset the VISTA programme had a vision of stimulating basic mathematical and scientific research related to the exploitation and management of Norway's petroleum resources. (Photo: Øyvind Gravås and Even Kleppa / © Equinor)
The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters. (Photo: DNVA)