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Governance in the VISTA programme

The VISTA programme was established as a strategic partnership between Equinor and The Norwegian in 1985 in order to develop a good and mutual cooperation between Equinor and Norwegian basic research environments.

To ensure that the vision of the agreement is fulfilled, the parties has established a VISTA board, consisting of two board members from Equinor and three board members appointed by The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters.

Board members are appointed for four years and can be reappointed once.

The VISTA board members:

  • Kenneth Ruud, professor and CEO of FFI (Norwegian Defence Research Establishment), Chair of the VISTA board
  • Tor Ulleberg, vice president, Equinor
  • Karin Andreassen, professor of geosciences, UiT – The Arctic University of Norway 
  • Roger Sollie, project manager, Equinor
  • Unni Olsbye, professor of chemistry, University of Oslo
Kenneth Ruud
Kenneth Ruud, Chair of the Board of the VISTA programme.
(Photo: Norwegian Defence Research Establishment)
Illustration of green earth Pixabay
Illustration by Pixabay

Programme management

Håkon Sandbakken
VISTA coordinator
The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters
Phone: +47 454 03 077

Photo of Håkon Sandbakken
Håkon Sandbakken (Photo: DNVA/Unni Kvam)