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VIDEO: Long-term Perspectives on the Energy Transition: Enablers and Barriers

Dr. Fatih Birol with Kristin Halvorsen in the background
Dr. Fatih Birol, Executive Director of the IEA in front. Kristin Halvorsen, Director of CICERO in the background. Photo: Ola Gamst Sæther

The annual VISTA Day was held on November 21, 2023, at The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, located in Drammensveien 78. This event is a key annual meeting that brings together professionals from various fields such as research, education, industry, and politics.

The main goal of VISTA Day is to address our society’s most critical challenge – the climate-energy issue – through engaging discussions and exchanges of ideas. It offers a platform for meaningful discussions and idea sharing, encouraging diverse perspectives on this critical topic.

This year, the focus was on identifying the key drivers and barriers in the transition to sustainable energy. The discussions aimed at understanding the complexities and finding practical solutions for a sustainable energy future.

Dr. Fatih Birol
Dr. Fatih Birol, Executive Director of the IEA. Photo: Ola Gamst Sæther

Part one (YouTube) of the VISTA Day program kicked off with a keynote address by Dr. Fatih Birol, Executive Director of the International Energy Agency (IEA). Dr. Birol provided an analysis on the critical roles of power grids, essential minerals, and the importance of investment in emerging and developing economies. This set the stage for a thoughtful and informative session.

Following Dr. Birol's insightful presentation, the session was further enhanced by the contributions of Asgeir Tomasgard, Director of the NTNU Energy Transition Initiative, and Ida Dokk Smith, Senior Research Fellow in the Research Group on Climate and Energy at NUPI. They provided valuable insights and raised thought-provoking questions, deepening the dialogue on the session's key topics. Additionally, Dr. Birol dedicated time to address questions from the audience, offering a more interactive and engaging experience for all participants. 

Asgeir Thomasgard presenting
Asgeir Tomasgard, Director NTNU Energy Transition Initiative. Photo: Ola Gamst Sæther

Part two of VISTA Day transitioned to a session conducted in Norwegian, opening with a focused presentation by Asgeir Tomasgard. His talk, titled "Fremtidens kraftmarked i Europa og Norge" (The Future Power Market in Europe and Norway), offered an insightful perspective on the evolving dynamics of the energy market in both Europe and Norway. This was followed by an active participation phase where the audience engaged in the discussion, contributing their thoughts and questions. 

The meeting was moderated by Kristin Halvorsen, Director of CICERO.

All photos: Gamst Sæther