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Centre for Autonomous Robotic Operations Subsea – CAROS

Building upon experience gained at NTNU AMOS, the NTNU VISTA Centre for Autonomous Robotic Operations Subsea (CAROS) aims to become a world-leading research centre on autonomous underwater robotic operations.

The focus will be on resident and collaborating autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) that are supported by subsea docking systems for energy charging and communication.

Game changer 
Together with ground-breaking research on articulated underwater robots and autonomy, CAROS proceeds towards a game changer in the offshore oil and gas activities in terms of increased efficiency in marine operations and lower CO2 footprint. 

Ocean science relevance
The addressed research will also be of high relevance for ocean science and other marine industries such as maintenance and inspection of offshore wind installations and aquaculture.

The CAROS centre will contribute to developing new ground-breaking knowledge about autonomous navigation and operational capabilities of underwater robots. 

It will further develop competence within the areas such as marine cybernetics, marine robotics, artificial intelligence and hydrodynamics.

CAROS has a five-year agreement with the VISTA programme, and it is financed with NOK five million each year. 
NTNU contributes with its own funding. 

CAROS is led by Professor Asgeir J. Sørensen.


Asgeir Sørensen
The CAROS centre is led by professor Asgeir J. Sørensen (Photo: NTNU)
VISTA research fellow day 2021
VISTA research fellow day 2021: Asgeir S. Sørensen and Inga Berre, heads of the VISTA programme centres, in discussion with research fellows. (Photo: DNVA/Ola Gamst Sæther)

Research activities

Find a list of ongoing research projects at VISTA CAROS


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